Ah Sigh…..It’s Snowing AGAIN!

This morning when I first got up the sun was peeking through the clouds…..very pretty sky with some blue, orange/red and white streaky clouds…..and snowing at the same time.  I was so hoping that the blue sky would take over but that was not to be!  It and all traces of sun are gone and now it’s snowing a lot and sticking to the ground, roads, railings, roofs, deck…..with temps hovering around zero.

With any luck this will stop soon and the sun will pop out again, like it did yesterday.  I could handle it if that happens, even all week.  I just really do not want to have to shovel my driveway anymore this year.

Caution….the picture contains a scene of violence!


some hot pokers may have been more appropriate weapons…..


Back into work today for a little while.  Training went good yesterday….at least for me, not sure about Chris though….she probably went home and drank a bottle of wine!!  Pretty straight forward stuff though, so I think I’ve got it but good to go in again today and do the whole process on my own just to make sure.  I will tell the girl at the other office, that does all the accounting now, to take it easy on me….

With ALL my earnings from work I’m going to buy my bike!  I’m hoping that the place, that has been suggested to me by two biking officianados, can get me set up with a used/traded in one.  I am not spending a small fortune on one…..they can go well up over a $1,000 if you’re really into it.  I was thinking more like a few hundred.  Thought I might do that today, but we’ll see.  Maybe seen it’s still snowing they’ll have a sale!!??

Brenda and I have been trying to get together for over a week.  We have a few things that we want to do, including lunch.  Both so busy….how does that happen when you’re retired for goodness sakes!



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