Why You Should Always Do Your Dishes…..

Because someone could call you at 9AM and say they’re in your neighbourhood and thought they’d drop by!!

I usually always do my dishes after dinner…..sometimes not right after dinner but definitely before I go to bed…..Saturday I didn’t do that!!  I was tired and there was only a casserole dish (which needed soaking anyway….really it did!), a couple of plates and some cutlery.  No big deal…I’d do them in the morning while waiting for the coffee.   I slept in a bit yesterday morning too.  I was enjoying my coffee and a couple of games of solitaire when I got the phone call…….scramble, scramble, scramble!

How on earth do people get up, get out the door AND have had their breakfast by 9?  When I worked of course that was the daily routine, but not now.   In half an hour I managed to get dressed, do those damn dishes, make the bed, wipe down the bathroom counter and sink and make another pot of coffee.  Maybe I need a phone call like that everyday!

It was a nice visit….my BIL and SIL were babysitting their granddaughter and we’re up and about early so thought they’d go have breakfast and still had a couple of hours to kill before meeting my nephew for the drop-off.

I can’t say I did too much for the rest of the day.  Got dinner ready early so we could just finish it when we were ready to eat…..it was Oscar day!  I have not seen one single solitary movie that was up for an award.  Movies just aren’t my thing…..at least in the theatre.  I have a really hard time sitting still for that long.  I enjoy them at home where I can do something else while I’m watching it (usually ironing!) or pause it and get up and move around.  I enjoy watching the Academy Awards for the dresses…..and this year for the comments.  It was good and the end…..oh well.

Saturday was a busy day.  My son and grandkids came over early.  He got the old Mustang going and the truck battery recharged.  Took both for a spin around the cul de sac.  The kids and I did some yard clean up…..we got rid of all those branches that had fallen off the big tree.  Did a bit of raking, sweeping and general tidying.  It still looks like a mess…..that winter mess that you can’t really do too much about but it definitely looks better than it did.  And it was fun!  I really would have thought all my hard work (??) at the gym would have paid off in the ache and pain department but not so for this kind of work…..I think it’s the bending and stooping over that gets me.  Another couple of weeks though and I’m hoping I’ll be able to get out there more and get those muscles used to it.  This will be the 4th spring/summer that I’ll be doing this job, by myself…..hard to believe.  It’s just such a slow process when there is just you (grandkids helping doesn’t count) but I now set realistic goals for myself for what I can get accomplished…..not like that first summer when it was driving me crazy because everything wasn’t getting done NOW!!  I’m getting there…..

We did get some snow but not the big storm they were predicting…..really it just sort of “slushed”.  Just enough to lightly cover everything and then melt again like it did the other day.  This kind of snow I can handle.

Today I’m off to work….and maybe again tomorrow too.  Taking on the daily balancing and deposits this time.  I’ll be the relief/back up for someone.


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