Winter Isn’t Over Yet!!

More snow on the way…..ah sigh.

The highs are supposed to be up around 7-8C (40-45F) but down below freezing at night.  So the good thing is that the snow will come only at night and disappear very quickly during the day.

Another busy week went by….work, dentist appointments and I can’t even remember what else.  I keep saying busy is good but I’m not so sure about being this busy.

When I’m not busy… yesterday morning….I end up sitting on the computer playing solitaire.  Then I get mad at myself when I’ve wasted all morning….then I think, “well, it’s OK because I AM retired”….then I worry about getting into a bad habit of doing this every morning, which I don’t want to do.  It’s been almost two years (WOW!) and my routine is all shot to hell.  At least through the winter it has been.  So maybe it is OK???  Oh well, I’ll get this figured out eventually…..I keep saying that but……  I know it will be different come summer when I can get outside…..there will be a lot to do.  There is now if it would just warm up enough and stay sunny enough to dry everything out at bit.  I could get out there and hack away at my broken bushes, get rid of the branches that fell off one of the trees and get back to work on my walkway that didn’t get finished last fall.  This is something to look forward too.

Yesterday Bev and I had a good day….we spent most of it together.  First pedicures, then dinner and an evening of Trump TV….just for the entertainment…and a game of cards.  Lots of fun.

Today I really have to make up for wasted time on the computer.  Mostly laundry!  I don’t understand why I can’t keep on top of it.  There is only me, other than towels that both my daughter and I use, there isn’t that much.  Which is maybe the problem.  Instead of just doing it once or twice a week like I used to when there were my clothes AND Ken’s, I end up waiting until the basket is full.  I think I’m being economical/enviro friendly etc. by making sure I have full loads but then, because I iron everything, it all piles up because I don’t have time to do it all.  Before, back in the day, I would only ever do a load that I could finish, including the ironing.  That meant I had a lot of dirty laundry hanging around but not baskets full of clean stuff that I had to deal with.

LOL…..this is how my head works often these days.  I don’t “stress” over this stuff because it’s not stuff to stress over, but I do kind of get mad at myself for not staying focused.

I’m working all day, or most of the day, on Monday.  The office gal quit a couple of weeks ago and the owners wife is doing all the daily paper work and bank stuff.  She’s going on vacation (Hawaii…..lucky lady!!) for a couple of weeks, so she’s going to train me so I can  go in a couple of days during those weeks to relieve the girl that is taking over because she is also an outside sales person and is on the road a couple of times a week.  This is all good for me.

Well…..just a lot of babble today!  Babbling, which sounds much better than whining, is good.



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