Work Day

I think I’ll make Thursdays the day I work each week.  That said the special little project I’m working on is just about done….so may not have too many more Thursdays left.  But I could get called in to drive any day of the week…..

I quite enjoy going in one day a week and working in the office, which consists of 3 desks.  It’s small and comfortable and the two other ladies that work in there are great.  And one of the best parts is I get to have lunch with my son.  There’s a couple of great little cafes and delis close by…..Indian – the best butter chicken ever….the Ukrainian deli – perogies that are so yummy.  That’s were we’re getting lunch from today except this time I’m trying the cabbage rolls.

Bev and I went for a nice walk down at an are called Colony Farms.  There are lots of great trails and marshes.  Birds galore.  There are also community gardens down there.  It was too mucky to walk around them but once we dry out for a few days it’s great to wander around and see what people are planting.  Some of the little plots are pretty elaborate with small sheds and lean-tos, some are veggie only, others are a combo of veg and flowers, which are beautiful come summer.


the sun peaking through the clouds and the glorious tree skeletons makes for great pics that are pretty much black and white at this time of year.

Last night Bev came for dinner and cards.  Made French onion soup, which was good and deluxe grilled cheese sandwiches.  Should have taken some pics but forgot.  I used the last of my turkey stock for the base.  I think it’s the best thing, even better than beef stock.  It’s a little sweet, which goes great with the carmelized onions.  To top the soup off I used Emmenthal, swiss and this carmelized onion cheese I found… was a really good combo.


My dentist appointments are done for a month of so…..other than a regular cleaning/scaling next week.  Thank goodness….that is hard work keeping your mouth open for that long, especially with nothing coming out of it!!  If it was open for talking that would make it much better.  It’s my jaw that just kills me….they have “bite bars” which do help in that you don’t have to do the work to keep your mouth open but my jaws still hurt and ache for while after….apparently I have a “clicky” jaw, whatever that means.

I am really liking my new attitude of keeping the glass half full, making lemonade out of lemons etc.  Can I keep it up?  I hope so because you really do feel a lot better when you keep a positive spin on everything.  That’s not to say I’m not going to have one of those blah, pity party days, but hopefully fewer and fewer.



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