What To Do Today??

Part of me wants to have an “in” day but it’s so nice I really think I should get out there and take advantage of it……possibly some cold weather on the way, including flurries at night!!  ARGH!

I have shopping to do too…..grocery shopping.  I really enjoy doing it when there is a purpose to it….besides have food in the house to eat…..if it’s something special or fun and exciting, then the shopping is too.  BUT….today is just regular old grocery shopping because I really have to put something in the fridge.  Yesterday was crazy…..I had yogurt for breakfast, a leftover piece of chicken for lunch…..that was all that was edible in my house.  The positive to this is that today is “seniors day” and “customer appreciation day” at Safeway….I think I qualify for at least one of those (but that begs the question why bother with the seniors thing if everybody else gets those deals too…..scratching head on that!).  If nothing else I can get 10X my airmiles or 10% off my groceries…..

Maybe I’ll phone Bev to see if she wants to go for a walk……that would be good for both of us and save me trying to fit a trip to the gym in somewhere today.  I went yesterday….rode the bike, used the treadmill….all good.  I even stopped at the produce market and bakery on the way home in my gym clothes….which I thought was pretty brave!!  Thank god it wasn’t busy in either place.

Whatever I end up doing today….as long as it’s not sitting in front of the computer or TV all day….will get something accomplished.  This is good!




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