Beautiful Day Yesterday

Went for a long, long walk out on the dykes around Colony Farm.  Still lots of ice and snow on the trails and the marshes.


Then went for a nice lunch (sushi) and talked trip talk…..not too much left to do now.  R & G have theirs all sorted out and Brenda and I will finish our part tomorrow.  We’ve got an extra day to use somewhere…..I allowed for 7 nights for our bike trip, but’s it’s only 6.  I think the best thing to do is to add it on to Paris.  I mean really… can you go wrong with an extra day there??  You can’t.

Dinner out with the kids and that was it for my day.  We checked the trail map after out walk and figured we did at least 5km.  It was certainly a good walk and traipsing on the ice and snow probably burned a few extra calories… tighten up your abs and legs muscle just trying to make sure you don’t take a tumble…..broken bones at this age is not a good thing.  R & B walk a mach 1 as opposed to a stroll….also good for burning calories.

Today I’m off to the dentist AGAIN.  More prep work for another crown.



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