What To Have For Dinner?

I worked yesterday for a few hours.  It was the office girls last day so they put on a nice BBQ (smokies and burgers…..and chips and cheesies)  I had the smokie, which was very good and proceeded to load my plate up with the chips and cheesies, which I snacked on for the rest of the afternoon.

On the way home I decided I’d just grab something quick for dinner.  My daughter was out with friends to a concert and wouldn’t be there so I wasn’t going to make anything too exciting…..or at all for that matter.  I did consider popcorn and wine seen I’d eaten a lot for lunch.

I ended up stopping on the way home at one of the local meat markets…..besides just all the butcher store type stuff they have some neat ready made and frozen goodies.  My thought was that I’d pick up one of the chicken and veggies pies, which are delicious, but then they had all sorts of goodies on sale for Valentines day….like scallops wrapped in bacon, lobster tails, crab cakes etc. etc.  So many more fun things than a meat pie!!!  I couldn’t decide anymore what I wanted so I got a little bit of a few things…..I would have loved one of those huge lobster tails but they were a bit pricey and seemed like a lot of work for just me.  So my dinner was a very strange mix of everything that I thought I’d like.  If I’d been smart I would have just had the crab cakes or scallops and made a salad but again that would have taken some effort on my part.


When in doubt, you can’t go wrong with pinot gris! It goes with just about everything, which is pretty much what my dinner was last night…..

The snow is slowly disappearing and all the damage to my bushes and trees is becoming very visable…..argh.   The tree branches I could deal with but the bushes at the side are a bit of worry.  With a bit of trimming and getting rid of the broken branches, I hope they’ll come back to life once Spring gets here.   I don’t want to have to rip those out….they’ve been there for eons and probably have roots that go to China!!

I’m off to the kids today to help them organize stuff…..it’s always a challenge and I just wish there was more to show for all the effort each time I went out there but that isn’t always the case.  I really do try to not let it get me down but I just can’t help it sometimes.  I feel so bad for the little ones…..although at this age I guess they really don’t notice it all so much….ah sigh.  Sometimes it just eats away at me and I get myself into quite a state….then I’m afraid to go over in case something shoots out of my mouth that I might regret later…..that has been known to happen!!  Although, sometimes it helps too.

The sun is supposed to poke out at some point so that will be nice.  It’s warmed up a lot, at least during the day.  It was chilly last night……soon, very soon I hope this will be over.



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