The Storm That Wasn’t!!

I was prepared!  It amounted to nothing….nada.  It started snowing mid-afternoon, quite heavy for a while, then stopped.  In the evening it started to ice rain/snow….not quite sure what you’d call it but you could hear it like you would hail….that then turned to rain around 10PM and it’s still raining this morning.  It didn’t get windy either, which is what I was most worried about…..those branches would have been coming down left, right and centre if it had.

Surprisingly there is still a lot of snow left on the trees I guess because it hasn’t warmed up as much as they said it would….yet!  The roads of course are a big slushy mess now so hopefully it just keeps raining and doesn’t freeze tonight.


I made a big pot of stew for dinner last night… was a good day for stew!  Lots leftover, which we’ll have tonight or I’ll make up two separate servings and put them in the freezer for another day……I am getting so much better at doing that on a regular basis.  On those days when my daughter is out for dinner, there is always something I can pull out for a quick, no fuss dinner for just me.  My Safeway has started selling “demi-baguettes” how convenient is that?  It’s perfect because we never get through a whole one.  Many places in Europe you can go into a bakery and tell them you want a half one or 6 inches or just show them with your hands how much you’d like cut off.  Makes a lot of sense because that bread is so good when it’s fresh.

In the mail yesterday came a letter addressed to my parents!  Huh???  Apparently the bank where they’d had their mortgage many years ago had overcharged/miscalculated the interest rate so they sent them a cheque for $10.00.  What in the hell am I supposed to do with that?  They’ve both been gone 10 years this year and I’m certainly not going through all the rigamarole to open an estate account to cash this stupid thing.  I’ll take it into my bank and see if they can just deposit to my account…..I’ll take my brother out for a fancy coffee for his half lol.


As I look out the window it’s started to snow again….what the hell!!  It’s pretty mucky, wet looking stuff.  The temp is still hovering around freezing so for now it can go either way but as it warms up it will just be rain, rain and more rain.   It’s a good day to stay in, which is what I plan to do.  Not sure what I’ll get accomplished…..there are few things on my list that I could tackle but we’ll see.



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