Big Storm On The Way

The sky this morning…..even after all the sun we had yesterday very little of the snow melted because it was still cold so lots of it left on the trees.

Raccoon prints in the snow…..


Our local weather report!


Winter Storm Warning Issued at 05:47 Wednesday 08 February 2017

Hazardous winter conditions are expected.

An intense Pacific warm front will arrive late this afternoon. The front will move in from the south and spread warmer, moist air over the colder Arctic air still in place at the surface.

Snow will start falling this afternoon and become heavy this evening. Blowing snow will further reduce visibilities in some areas. As the warm air establishes itself, there will be a risk of freezing rain tonight especially south of Squamish before the transition to rain. From Squamish to Whistler snow is expected to persist through the night and all day Thursday.

Total snowfall amounts will vary from around 15 cm over southern Howe Sound to 40 to 60 cm between Squamish and Whistler.

In addition, strong northerly winds near 70 km/h will continue over southern sections of Howe Sound.

I’m heading out early to pick up a few groceries and WINE!  They’re also telling us to expect power outages due to trees falling on powerlines.  I’ve got the gas BBQ and my old camping coffee pot ready just in case.  The last time we had one of these big warnings was back in the fall….intense wind storm was on it’s way…..nothing came of it!  But we were prepared, which is a good thing.  Better safe than sorry.
Yesterday was beautiful!  Brenda and I went for a nice 5km walk on the trail along the river.  Everything was so pretty …..seen a lot of big trees and branches down in the forest around there.  We came back here and had a nice glass of merlot to warm up!
Just some random pics from our walk….so, so pretty.  We each took a turn on the zipline in the playground!
After dinner I went to watch TV for a bit and promptly fell fast asleep…..a lot of fresh air I guess.  Slept for 2 hours, got up and got ready for bed and slept for another 6 hours!!  That was the best sleep I’d had in eons.  Feeling very good this morning!

2 thoughts on “Big Storm On The Way

  1. You’ve been having a terrible time with snow and cold! I’m searching for positives – I bet Whistler is doing a happy dance every day (as long as people can get there).

    • Yes, us whoosies out here are so not used to this. Whistler and the local mountains are having a field day with all this snow…..might be able to ski right into June at the rate we’re going.

      I was going to email you about your trip. I’m sure you have a wonderful time, I would love to hear all about it.

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