Another Wake Up Call!

A girl that I worked with forever……she was one of the 10 of us that were all pregnant at the same time in 1981…..passed away last week.  She was a year younger than me!  Cancer apparently…..very quickly too, all happened within a couple of weeks.  Very sad, very scary.  It really makes me appreciate my life….I need to smarten up and be a glass half full girl….all the time!

She wasn’t ready to retire she said back in 2015 when I did…..just another year or two and then “we’ll be in a good financial situation to retire”…..I need to thank my lucky stars EVERY SINGLE DAY!  She was a lovely person….so, so sad.

Today though, with the sun shining and everything WHITE, it’s beautiful….absolutely glorious.  I’m hoping to get out for a walk along the river trail or on the dyke at some point this morning or early afternoon while everything is still covered in snow.  It’s a good day to feel good and thankful.  I will even enjoy shoveling the driveway….again!

My daughter left for work and came back…..the roads were really icy in some places and she does not like to drive in this at all.  She packed up her backpack and I drove her to the closest transit station….she’ll be a bit late but will get to work in one piece and without all the stress.  The roads were fairly good but still a lot of little icy patches where the plows kind of skimmed the top.  Not sure if they didn’t put sand/salt down after the plowing or whether there is just too much for it to melt properly.   No snow in the forecast for today but tomorrow is supposed to be another story…..cold front moving in.  I’m just glad I don’t HAVE to go anywhere.

Just a bunch of random pics from this morning….so, so pretty.

I wish my phone took better zoomed in pics….the one with the icicles on the lamp was really neat.





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