Ack! More Snow

And more shoveling!!  Very pretty though but I’m so done with winter.

More is in store for us over the next few days.  This little winter storm has, so far, given us as much if not more snow than had accumulated all through December.  I did start to rain last night so I was hopeful that was the end of it but woke up to it coming down like crazy this morning.


Over 6″ since last night and it’s STILL coming down!!



The birds are constantly at the feeder again…..I’ve been watching them to see where they go after they grab a few seeds…..they go down into my bushes (the poor snow bent/broken bushes).  I guess they’ve got a nest or two in there where they are hopefully snug and warm-ish.  They’re pretty protected in there unless more of the branches fall over.


The chickadees and junkos queue up on the railing….even in the snow.   The little bushtits come en masse though….I’ve counted 12 on the feeder at one time.

I’m going out again soon to shovel.  The snow is still light enough that it should be pretty easy.  It might be a futile job though seen it’s still supposed to snow for the next few days but at least maybe I can keep on top of it before it starts to freeze.


Yesterday I didn’t do my pictures as planned.  I was so motived earlier to get that closet cleaned out and organized but when I opened the door I changed my mind and just closed it back up…..I did laundry instead and caught up on all the things I’d PVR’d over the last week or so.  One really good show “Waterfront Cities of the World” was about Valparaiso… part/interview took place at the restaurant we went to our first night there….how cool is that?!

Today I’m doing more trip planning.  Booking our hotel in Bologna.  We’re only there for one night but we’ll get in early enough in the day to have a good look around.  I’ve driven through but never stopped so it’s always fun to explore new places.  A lot of history there and a lot of things to do.   The hotel we’re booking has a beautiful rooftop terrace, where weather permitting, we should be able to enjoy a nice glass of wine (or two) in the evening and the city view.  The next day we’ll head off to pick up our rental car and head to our “home” in Le Marche for the next two weeks.  So much to see there too…..I’ve been reading up on it and busily marking pages and highlighting all the things I’d like to see.  Will probably only manage half of it but it’s good to know what there is.

We now have the bike trip to sort out…..dates and direction etc.  Then Paris…..we’re there for 4 days so was hoping to look at an apartment rental but that is not a cheap city to stay in!!

I’d better get out and start on that shoveling…’s coming down like crazy again.



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