One Thing On My BIG List….

That’s what I’m doing today.  It’s going to be an “in” day other than running out this morning to pick up a few groceries BECAUSE……they’ve issued a snow fall warning!!

I was really hoping we were done with the cold winter weather but apparently not.  This is supposed to last a couple of days…..our groundhog didn’t see his shadow yesterday so spring is going to come early……hmmmm.

The play the other day, The Audience, was really good.  I thoroughly enjoyed it and all the dry British humour.  The South Granville area is so nice…..we didn’t have a lot of time to wander in and out of all the stores but did manage to spend a few minutes in Williams Sonoma.  So many wonderful things in that store… many things that I DO NOT NEED but would love to have.  I restrained myself.  We’re planning another trip to So Gran once the weather gets a bit better.  Lots of great restaurants……we could have lunch at one end of that strip and then dinner at the other end…..because it would take all day to go those 5 or 6 blocks stopping and shopping in all the great shops.

I worked yesterday for a few hours…..this is working out pretty good.  One day a week….my choice of day depending on how I feel….and only for a few hours.  I certainly wouldn’t be able to live off the income from it but it’s a few extra bucks… dollars OR shopping dollars (for that stuff I DON’T NEED) on South Granville.

Today though, my job is going through the bottom of my linen closet…..which has very little linen in it!  The bottom holds the vacuum hoses and attachments AND pictures…..boxes of them.  A lot of them are in albums, which I’d dated, starting back in 1979 when my daughter was born.  A lot of them are NOT in albums too……I used to be so good about keeping them up to date.  The good old days when you’d have to take the roll of film in to get developed.  I wrote on the back of every single picture!  The albums are so old now that clear stuff that the pictures go under is falling apart or not holding the pictures in anymore.  Not sure what I’ll do with those.  Value Village has a lots of albums…..maybe I’ll pick one or two up the next time I’m in there assuming they’re in better shape than the ones I have.  A lot of the albums I do have, back then when we had no money, came from garage sales so they were already old to begin with.

I’ll have to think about it but one thing that my SIL did was go through all her old albums and make separate boxes of pictures for each of her kids.  The pictures of each of them and then a few other family photos thrown in……my daughter would appreciate that I know, not sure what would happen to the box for my son though…..would it end up in one of the piles at their house?  I wouldn’t like that so I’d still have to keep it here somewhere.  Anyway, whatever I decide, it’s going to be fun going through all those old pictures.  I doubt that I’d get this  all done today so I will have to pick and choose which piles of loose pictures to start with.

Actual pictures are a bit redundant today I guess…..everyone has them saved on their computers or on their phones.  But what happens if those crash or get lost?  All that family history is gone.  So as old fashioned as real pictures might be I think it’s great to have them.  My kids like looking at them and hopefully one day the grandkids will take some interest in them too.

As I look out the window I see the first snowflakes starting to fall…..ah sigh.  I think I’ll go out and cover my driveway with all the salt/sand stuff I have left in the hopes that I won’t have to shovel it…..although that is such a good workout!



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