Dentist, Visitors….and Cleaning!

Ack!  All this morning.

So not looking forward to this dentist appointment.  Another root canal.  I can’t say I lost sleep over it or anything that drastic but really, it’s one of those things……you know you’re in for some pain.  It has to be done but why would anyone in their right mind subject themselves to pain??  They do put that spray or whatever it is on before they do the needle but it still hurts…..I obviously do not have a very high threshold for pain.

The Sechelt friends are coming over for a quick visit today.  They’ll only stay one night this time.  They’re off to see her Mom (95!!) for lunch then will head over here.  Dinner and lots of yakking and wine later.

Yesterday was a busy day….changing beds and cleaning.  Still more to be done this morning before I leave for the dentist…..I’ll put Roomba on when I head out the door and hope it doesn’t get stuck under one of the beds while I’m gone.  I really love that little robot vacuum…..especially with the dark hardwood floors.  It’s not as efficient as really vacuuming but sure does the trick for picking up the cat hair and dust…..and dead skin!!  After our cold spell my skin is so dry and flaky.  I can’t put on enough cream….that doesn’t seem to happen so much in summer…..I’m counting down the days.

I was supposed to go to my grandsons lacrosse game yesterday afternoon but it rained and rained and it was not terribly warm either.  They came after for a visit….and some hot chocolate….then we met the rest of them for dinner later.

A very boring, kind of dull time right now….nothing too exciting going on in my life.  Not sure what exactly I expect should be going on…..I am retired, right?  Not really that “unsettled” feeling but just not sure…’s like something should be happening.  What though?

Trip planning is coming along nicely.  My trip will overlap with my brother and SIL’s in London for a couple of days and they’re staying at the same hotel.  We can meet up for dinner that first night and catch up on how their trip went along….they will be heading home and we’ll just be starting!  I’m sure they’re going to have a few stories to tell!!




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