No Pain, No Gain

Maybe I just took enough Tylenol to not have pain!!  I hope that’s the case because I worked really hard yesterday.  My hip did hurt a bit but…..

I really enjoyed my fried chicken last night….with no guilt!  I know it’s not the best thing to be eating at the best of times but hey…..everything in moderation right?

Not sure what I’ll do today….lots of things on my list that I could be working away at.  It’s almost nice enough that I could do a bit of stuff outside.  It’s still chilly at night but it’s been warming up nicely through the day….and the sun even shines every now and again.

I do have more trip planning that I could be working on too but will save that for later I think.

The kids were lots of fun and really good last night.  They brought along their “stamp” making kit so we made a bunch of them after dinner with only minimal mess… is Crayola and all washable thank goodness.  While we were doing the stamps, I thought about Ken.  I wondered if he would have liked doing this with the kids…..he didn’t like mess but then again, there were lots of little bits and pieces that you had to use tongs for and other little parts that you had to put together before putting the felt tubes in the little ink/dye holders.  He did like to do things like that.   It might have been a little too chaotic for him though with 3 little bodies all hanging over the table, and blocking the light, trying to do it at the same time.  I hadn’t really thought much about those “what ifs” for a long time, but I wonder……

I’m on my own tonight for dinner…..oh boy, leftover chicken!   Glad to see my daughter finally feeling good enough to get out after her surgery.  She did last weekend, to a friends baby shower, but said it did kind of tired her out.  I think part of that is because she’s been doing a lot of sitting around reading and not much of anything else.  She’s back to work on Monday so she better get some of that energy back.

I nice quiet weekend……I like those 🙂




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