Off For More Torture!

Going to the gym should be a fun thing, right?  I guess it is at the end of the day but certainly not while you’re there.  I am thinking the whole time…..this hurts, I can’t breathe, my knee hurts, my ankle hurts, I’m so out of shape it’s not funny, I can’t go that one more mile….not happy thoughts.  I come home though and feel really good!  Go figure that out!

I really do have to get back into some sort of shape though if I’m going to survive this bike trip.  Walking is no problem….but walking and pushing a bike could be a bit of challenge so I’d rather be able to ride the thing!

Today is kind of a day to celebrate….I received my first Canada Pension payment.  All the more reason to go to the gym I guess…..being old is one thing but being old and at least in reasonable shape is a much better thing! RIGHT?

I’m babysitting the kids for dinner tonight.  That should be fun and part of celebrating my pension payment AND all my hard work at the gym I’m going to pick up fried chicken!!!  The kids love it and it’s kind of a treat seen I don’t have it that often.

My ex-SIL is not doing well.  They changed her chemo and it’s really taking a toll on her right now.  Chronic nausea, weakness etc.  After work yesterday I picked up a few groceries for her because she just couldn’t get out.  She was in rough shape when I got there.  I thought we should just go to emerg because she’s probably dehydrated, which will contribute further to feeling crappy, but she said she’s wait until the nurse comes by today.  Luckily the nurse drops in once a week to check on her….I’m pretty sure she’ll suggest the same thing.  L has been such a trooper all through her other treatments so I hope she can get through this set back too.  She supposed to go in on Tuesday for her next treatment but is going to tell the Dr that she doesn’t want to do this if it’s going to make her sick all the time.  She was on one of the immunotherapy drugs, but because there had been some growth, the Dr wanted to try the heavy duty chemo.  The growth had been minimal so since she felt so much better, she said she’d rather go back on that unless he’s got something else up his sleeve.  She’s supposed to call me later and let me know what’s going on.  I really do hope it’s just some rehydration.  A bit of a catch 22… can’t eat because you feel nauseous but part of feeling nauseous is because you haven’t eaten….I know that so well from Ken’s experience.  She’s taking ondansetron, which is a heavy duty nausea med, but it’s not really giving her any relief.  I got her to take a gravol too last night, which seemed to help a bit more.  She managed to take a shower and then have a piece of toast later.  My fingers are crossed for her!

Off to get sore and achy…..



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