Pain In The Butt!

Literally!!  I did go to the gym yesterday specifically to use the bike…..which I did.  The bikes and treadmills have these nifty screens which let you choose a route to either run or ride….such a nice diversion.  I chose one that took me through the French countryside of Provence.  Very pretty. Tomorrow I think I’ll ride through the Champagne region.

Today it hurts to sit!!  I will definitely be getting myself some of those padded bike pants.  I’d like to think this pain is because I have bony bum but I know that is not the case.  I’m hoping that one builds up callouses, or something like that, otherwise how on earth can you possibly bring yourself to get your butt back on that seat the next day??  I started out on level zero!!  And only went 5 miles…..I am in big trouble if I don’t get myself into bike riding shape.  You can’t go from being in no shape whatsoever to riding what, to me, was the equivalent of the Tour de France!

I know I can walk a lot and for a long time so I’ll also use the treadmill to build up more stamina just in case I end up chucking the bike!!  I’m sure I’ll get myself to a point where I’m not second guessing doing this bike trip…..I have too.

All that said, the other aches and pains are good ones.  I really feel like I accomplished something at the gym yesterday.  If I was smart(er) I’d go again today but I’m busy so I can’t.

I’m going to Bev’s today for a visit with her little granddaughter.  I haven’t seen her for long time and they change so quickly.  She’s such a cutie so I’m really looking forward to this afternoon.

Then I’ll go into work for a couple of hours…..I like it when there is no one else in the office….it’s much quieter and easier to make some of the phone calls.

I’m feeling so much better these last couple of weeks… it the vitamin D that I started taking?  Is it because the arctic weather has finally gone?  Is it because we’re seeing some sun and rather “springy” temperatures?  Is it because our June trip planning is moving along nicely?  I don’t know but I’m glad.  Not that I was sick, not that kind of feeling better, but just……happier, in better spirits, sleeping much better…that kind of feeling better.  It’s good and I hope it lasts!!




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