Planes, Trains, Automobiles….and Hotels!

Trip planning is going really good.  Had lunch with everyone yesterday and we got so much done….the best part was saving almost $250 on airfare!

I’d been checking it almost daily but seeing very little change….$5 up, $5 down….but yesterday….wow!  Supposedly Tuesday afternoons are the best time to book your airfare.  I’m not sure what the logic is behind it with the airlines and why it would be cheaper at that time of day….and it always isn’t the case either.  Last Tuesday there was only a few dollars difference.  Yesterday though we hit the jackpot of sorts…..I’m not going to complain.  It definitely pays to plan in advance and shop around using some of the bit travel sites that provide multiple quotes.  In the end we ended up on good old Air Canada.

We also got our London hotel booked… is not cheap there!  It’s the same hotel we stayed at a few years ago in South Kensington but is now called something different.  It’s kind of a cute place…..white regency style building with black wrought iron railings and trim.  Great  location close to two different tube stations and within walking distance to the Victoria and Albert museum, Harrods etc.

For the Italy part, we’re looking into car rentals…..we think one will have to do so we’ll get a bit of a bigger car.  Rae and I will be the drivers…..the only bad part about that is we are also the only ones that can read maps, so we’ll be each others navigators…the good part of that is we get the front seats!!  We’ll take the train from Bologna to Milan enroute to France for the bike trip.  I’ve found both legs of that trip but can’t book until less than 90 days out.

The only things left to book now are the bike trip and the hotel in Bologna, where we’ll stay for one night before heading to our vacation rental in Le Marche.

Some info about Le Marche

Le Marche is an area in Italy that I’ve never been too.  Definitely lots to see there and it will be fun exploring new territory.

I didn’t make it to the gym the other day…..all it took was one phone call and that was that!  I had even managed to get my socks on and runners out of the closet but oh well.  Today I am going for sure…..I AM!



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