Bottle Of Wine….

Yes, a whole bottle!!  But it was over quite a period of time…..from about 3PM to 1AM….and with a coffee or two in between.

So much fun on Saturday playing the game, eating, drinking, talking….some cursing and swearing and a bit of yelling too!!  I didn’t win…..I never win playing this game, don’t even come close but it is just a lot of fun so who cares!

Before and after baking……had salad an bruschetta to start then the cannelloni with focaccia bread and balsamic and EVO for dipping!

All the food was just OK…to me.  Everyone said it was good of course….but it certainly could have been better.  I should have just made my pasta the way I normally would have.  The meat cannelloni turned into more of a lasagna.  The veggie one, I thought, even with all the sauce was a little dry.  I did think I knocked the sauce off pretty good though for that one.

The game in full swing and my little old cat helping one of the guys……

Dinner last night at Rob and Sue’s was great.  T & S were there too, so lots of fun…..again….eating and talking and, other than one glass of one, no drinking because I had to drive….which was OK, I’d had quite enough the night before!!

Madly rushing around this morning picking up all the stuff that’s been dropped wherever because the cleaning lady is coming this afternoon.  Not sure I’ll ever get into the hang of tidying up after myself….I really don’t know why I can’t just put stuff away where it should go to start but oh well!

And….and…..and….I’m off to the gym this morning.  Something that I haven’t done forever it seems like.  Yesterday when getting ready to go out, I had to take my “skinny jeans” off because no one should have to see those thighs.   What the hell happened?  I’ve always had a problem with all my weight settling there but honestly it was kind of scary….I’m just glad a had a look in the mirror….checking to make sure the sweater looked ok…..which it did and was the least of my problems!!!  The jeans well, just NO!

So far this week I have lunch/cards with Bev this afternoon, lunch with Brenda and Rae tomorrow and then nothing else on my calendar.  I kind of hope it will stay that way.  Lots of things to do around here and if nothing else comes up I can get some of it done.  If a better offer comes along though, I can’t say no… is that for focused?

We’ve had a week of warm(ish) weather, lots of rain but some sun too.  Most of the snow is gone now….and all the big icy patches on roads and sidewalk…..and a lot of pavement and asphalt too!!  Potholes that I swear you could lose a small car in.  Last night was a bit chilly, back down to zero.  I know it’s still early in the year and we’ve got a lot of winter left but I really hope we’ve seen the last of the really cold and snowy weather….I AM SO READY FOR SPRING!




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