Stick To What You Know!

Happy Birthday to my brother!!  Normally I’d say “I hope you have a great day” but I know you will….we’ll certainly have lots of fun playing Stock Ticker ALL DAY!

I don’t make homemade pasta that often but when I do it turns out quite nicely…..I should have just done what I usually do!!

To save time, or what I thought would save time, I decided I’d do the pasta dough in the kitchen aid.  Everyone online swore by using it to knead the dough, I even used the dough recipe they suggested….ah sigh.  What I usually do is 1 cup of flour, 1 large egg and 1 tablespoon of olive oil… always works…even doubling it is no problem.  This recipe was basically the same except it added an extra egg, then vinegar to offset the eggy taste in the pasta.  Yuck!!  The kitchen aid did not knead it properly and left lots of globby bits of flour in the bottom of the bowl.  Saved me no time at all since I had to start all over again and had an extra bowl to wash!!  Live and learn….I say that a lot.


the last bit of dough….too dry to do anything with


two dozen cannelloni sheets ready to be cooked and stuffed

The pasta is all made, the cannelloni stuffings (meat and also a veggie one,cheese and spinach)are all ready to go too so all I have to do is put it all together later.  I made the best ever tomato sauce yesterday.  Salad and fresh tomato bruschetta to start.  Cheese focaccia bread to go with the pasta….not homemade but good enough.

Today will be lots of fun and I’m looking forward to it.

Tomorrow I’m off to one of our old friends birthday dinners.  It’s their place that we go to on Boxing Day, which did not happen because of the weather this year….so we’ll make up for lost time….lots of catching up to do (Sue was in Australia for a month visiting family back in November….she always has some good “Mom” stories…Mom is 95 and still spunky as ever).  Another busy weekend but a good one.

Yesterday was lots of fun too.  After my granddaughters treatment was over we went for lunch.  I asked her what she’d like or where she wanted to go….IKEA!!  So we did.  She had lots of fun!  Checking out all the room display set ups…..opening cupboard doors, testing beds and chairs.  Lunch was good too.  Then home just in time to catch a couple of the “Say Yes To The Dress” shows that we’d PVR’d for her before her Dad came to pick her up.

I think next week I will do nothing….we’ll not quite nothing but I’m just going to have to say NO to stuff that comes up if I’ve already got more than 2 of my days filled.  I really need just some at home time to tackle the things on my to do list.   It’s so hard to say no though…..we’ll see how that works!!



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