Breaking Out The Vitamin D

Rain, rain and more rain….that is what’s in our weather forecast for the next week or more.  One of the days at least had a half sun showing, so there is some hope.

Of course with all this rain the snow is melting and creating major puddles or small lakes in some places.  The temps have gone from being below zero to well above.  This morning when I got up it was 9C (50F).  If this keeps up it’s time to put the flannel jammie pants away.


We used to take vitamin D every day.  Then we stopped.  I’m not sure why….probably just ran out of them and didn’t pick up any more.  I bought some back in October when it rained for 40 nights and 40 days…..or more…..but didn’t take it….it got pushed to the back of the cupboard and forgotten about and then of course we had WINTER, cold but at least bright!  Time to break open that bottle with the rainy forecast coming up.  I don’t know how long it takes to kick in or whether what you actually get out of these little capsules is enough to make a difference but it’s worth a shot.

Work and the dentist today…how exciting is that?  Not a bad thing though after a couple of somewhat relaxing “in” days.  The rest of the week will be busy…..tomorrow I’m getting dinner ready for Saturday!!  At least getting some of it started….homemade pasta and making the sauce.  I think I’ll make cannelloni…..I have a great recipe from my cooking school back in September.  This is for my brothers birthday party…..another Stock Ticker game marathon day.  The food has to be simple so we can eat and carry on playing at the same time….maybe a salad to start.  One bowl/plate dishes so it doesn’t take up too much room on the table.

Friday I’m off to Children’s Hospital with my granddaughter for her monthly biologic infusion.  We’ll go for lunch somewhere after.  She’s such a little trooper when it comes to this each month.  They’re so good with the kids there too, which makes it a lot easier.  Movies to watch and the game people come by….usually teenagers that are volunteering.  I hope that’s the day that had the partial sun showing!!!



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