Lunch and Laundry….

… no particular order!  It seems like I’ve been doing laundry all week….how can I have that much??

My friends from Sechelt are coming over this weekend so I decided to freshen up the coverlet and comforter in the spare bedroom.  I don’t like to put them in the dryer….partly because the cotton coverlet seems to shrink every time I do.  Normally I would wash them and then hang them over the railing outside to dry…..they smell so nice when you do that…..BUT they would never dry now, they’d be frozen solid….so they are hung over the inside railing.  And towels…..not quite sure why we’ve used so many.  I mean really….if you are clean when you come out of the shower, can we not use the same towel at least twice?


Not much will dry when it’s -7!  The temp has come up almost 2 degrees since I got up an hour and half ago!


After I get another load thrown in I’m heading out for lunch with Brenda but first we’re going to the neat little jewelry store, not far from the restaurant, with more jewelry that needs to be fixed.  My little heart shaped pendant that I bought for the equivalent of $2 from a little Bedouin girl in Egypt that I took in a few months ago to have the string or cord fixed (cost $25….because of how the cord had to be put back on) now needs the little bead that was attached originally to be put back on.  I couldn’t find it when I took the pendant in the first time so I just had her add a new one…..well, of course, a few days later I find the bead.  Now I want that put on, just because it’s the original one.  I’m thinking this is going to cost another few bucks.  I know it’s probably a silly thing to do and definitely not very cost effective but to me it’s worth it just because of who made it and where I got it.  My $2 pendant has morphed into at $50 one….oh well.


The original little beads will get put on….cha ching but worth it to me.  And the pretty earrings that I’ll finally be able to wear.


I also have pair of earrings that the kids bought me in Hawaii a couple of years ago….the posts are too thick.  She said she could fix them….file or grind them down.  I hope so because they are so pretty and special to me I want to be able to wear them.

This has been a busy week!  Lunch with the old friends was lots of fun yesterday….lots of catching up….he now has an irregular heart beat so is going in to today for a procedure where they actually stop your heart for a couple of minutes then start it again hoping to regulate it. After than an uneventful vet appointment for my little old, scraggily cat.  She’s 20, deaf, has early stage kidney failure, thyroid issues and now a little lump on her chest.  She hadn’t lost any weight from her last appointment so the vet said he was happy enough with how she’s doing.  She’s a spunky as ever….chasing my daughters cat, jumping on and off the beds AND table!  We’ll get everything tested next time I take her in.  I also booked her for a bit of a spa treatment…..nails clipped, ears cleaned and some grooming……lol I’m not sure she enjoyed it though.  She was happy to get home.


Best pic I could get.  I do have a little tripod that I could try….holding the camera still enough is the hard part!


Last night or tonight is the full moon…..and it’s been just gorgeous every night this week with the clear sky.  I wish I could get a better picture……



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