I Survived!

What a great dentist this guy is!  They managed to put the dam thing in, take more x-rays and even take the impression for the crown (twice becauce the first one didn’t work!) without a lot of gagging.  I didn’t have breakfast before I went, just in case!!

Apparently there is a nerve or muscle in your tongue that controls your gag reflex, which he froze along with the rest of my mouth, nose, eye, ear…..whatever, it worked!!  The whole appointment only ended up being just over an hour, which was great.  Luckily it was a very little root, so not too much digging required.  No pain either, even after the freezing wore off.  I did take a couple of Tylenol before bed just in case…..that also helped with my aching back from lifting stuff at work the day before.

Now I’m working on this trip to Mexico…..which I’m having second thoughts about!  Why do I do this to myself????   I’m off to a travel agent this afternoon, after lunch with friends, just to see if there are any deals out there.  So far I’m not finding anything that looks appealing to me…..lots of 3* places but with mediocre reviews only.  I think we need a better place just because of my exSIL’s situation.  Not sure if this is all going to work out since my niece is on a tight budget and so am I for that matter….this was not in my travel plans for this year.

Looking forward to lunch today, catching up with T and S…..they’re off to Hawaii at the end of March for a few weeks……now that does sound appealing!!

Cleaning and tidying up the rest of the day because my Sechelt friends are coming over for a couple of days.



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