Dentist Today….Yuck!

On the questionnaire, for this specialized dentist, one of the questions was “What are you most afraid of at Dental appointments?”  PAIN!!!

The needles hurt and even with all the anesthetic I swear I can feel everything.  My mouth and lips hurt from being open and him digging around….my tongue too!  But as a result of my fear of dentists and pain I’m paying for it…..I swear I will faithfully go every six months or whenever for whatever….I really will!

I’m up early again today for this appointment…..what was I thinking making a 9AM appointment??  Yesterday I was at work for 8AM only to find out I didn’t have to be there until 8:30….still early enough.

I quite enjoyed my working day yesterday, driving as opposed to working in the office.  The weather cooperated with only a bit of rain otherwise it was pretty nice.  It was the warehouse pick up runs I was doing, which I think I like better than delivering parts.  It’s the same route, with the odd diversion to a different warehouse en route to the main one, that you do 4 times a day.  I have to cross a bridge, which gives you the most incredible view of the mountains.  Other than having to lift a few very heavy things…..a 50lb box of some sort of screws/bolts, rotors, alternators, a few huge gallon type drums of oil or something….most of the stuff is easy to load and unload.  I swear I have touched thousands of windshield wipers and oil/air filters!!  You’re on your own on these runs and as long as you stick to the schedule, there are no problems.

Tomorrow I’m off to lunch with some old friends……ones that I’ve hardly heard from since Ken passed away.  I was glad to hear his message when I got home from work yesterday.  They were/are very good friends……him and Ken have known each other since school…..they were in Hawaii when we took Ken’s ashes down there.  I’ve seen them once since then and that was almost two years ago.  Why?  I don’t know….just one of those things I guess.  They were one of the couples that went on our big trip to Italy 10 years ago, we’d been to Hawaii a few times with them and I can’t even begin to remember all the dinners that we’ve done over the years.  We have talked on the phone a couple of times….always going to get together but never making, or setting a day.  Oh well, I hope it’ll be fun tomorrow, lots of catching up.

I wish I could pop a pill before heading off to this appointment……not that I have any pills like that to take.  And of course then it probably wouldn’t be a good idea to drive…..maybe shopping after, if I’m not in too much pain!!



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