A Quiet Day

Nothing on my agenda for today except for domestic duties!!

My daughter is recovering nicely….much better this morning after a bit of a rough afternoon yesterday.  The hard part for her was trying to get comfortable…anywhere.  Three small incisions but painful enough especially when trying to move around.  They said 2 – 6 weeks for recovery depending on the individual of course.  I’m pretty sure she’ll be bored out of her mind by the end of this week.

Next week looks like it might be a bit slower for me…..just what retired life should be like!  I’m working tomorrow….all day….doing the warehouse pick ups.  As long as we don’t get a ton of snow this should be no problem.  Tuesday is dentist day…..yuck!!   My first ever root canal!  He’s also doing some of the prep work for two of the crowns that I need.  This dentist is at the mall so I might just treat myself to something when my appointment is over.

Other than some laundry to finish up today I could start on some of the “fun” things on my to do list…..one of which is cleaning out the linen closet!  Doesn’t really sound like a lot of fun but I enjoy stuff like that…..because it’s been so long since I’ve done it and have no idea anymore what is lurking in there…..always a surprise or two.



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