That Long Hallway……

Everything went well with my daughters surgery yesterday….pretty basic stuff these days since it’s all done laparoscopically now but always still a little bit of worry.  They decided to keep her overnight because of her sleep apnea just to make sure no issues.

It all got off to a slow start…..waiting for 2 hours, then once she went in to get prepped, another hour etc.  I came home, fed the cats and went to work for what I thought would be a couple of hours but turned into 5!  My daughter called to say she was staying in so I came home, fed the cats again and headed up to the hospital with some Tim Horton’s soup for her and nothing for me because they screwed up the order!!  It’s a bit of long boring story but another lesson learned…..which I’ve learned many times over…..CHECK YOUR BAG BEFORE YOU DRIVE AWAY!!!  They did at least manage to put my donut in the bag 🙂

I’ve been to THAT hospital before many, many times but it was the first time in almost 3 years that I was up in the wards and had to walk down that long, long hallway to get there.  Ken was in there, that’s where he passed away.  He’d been in hospital for over two months, everyday of which I walked that long hallway, not once but many times a day.  When I got off the elevator yesterday there was a little pang in my heart and a tear in my eye… was a little hard to do that walk again.  I don’t remember much of that last day…..that last time I walked down it and then back….

I stopped on the way home to get the missing part of my Tim Horton’s order….and then the girl argued that it shouldn’t be free because I DID GET MY FOOD….yeah, but not quite when I was supposed to!  That was after the manager, or whoever she was, had told her that they’d screwed up and that I should get my money back and my order for free!  It took a few minutes and another employee to get that sorted out.  Finally home around 8:30!  My feet hurt from having my boots on all day!

After I fed and medicated the cats again and finally ate my dinner, Bev and I chatted and gossiped on the phone for a bit…..and after talking about everyone else’s problems, we could put ours in perspective and just be so thankful that we are on the outside looking in at some peoples way bigger issues…..and that our lives are as boring as they are!  A little bit of other peoples excitement is more than enough for me.

My day started at 6AM so I was more than tired by the time I went to bed around 11 last night.  Most of the morning was sitting around waiting, which I think is worse than being too busy.  Work was a good diversion in the afternoon and I got a lot accomplished.  But I do think one day a week is more than enough, certainly in the office anyway….I’m trying really hard to just stick to the one thing that I’m doing…..which could easily morph into a lot more….that one thing lead to another and another and another.  Monday I’m working again but it’s a driving day….I’m doing the warehouse run, which is picking stuff up as opposed to delivering it.  All good until there is something too heavy for me to lift.

The snow didn’t happen yesterday….a few flakes here and there but that was all….the sun even came out!  Supposed to be more tomorrow and Monday, mixed with rain.   I just would like it all to go away now….we’re done with winter.



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