Cold, cold, cold….and windy too!!  But so nice and sunny.  I’ll take that as a trade off.

Lunch today with my travel buddy, Donna.  We didn’t manage to get together before Christmas this year….just too busy so we’ll do it today.  We’re heading to a pub that’s right on the river with glorious views of the mountains, which will be awesome today.

I like this Less/More list…..thank goodness wine isn’t on it!!  A good positive start to the new year trying to change what you do and how you think.


I always seem to start out good and carry on through the summer and into the fall but come winter….blah.  Everything sort of starts to fall apart.

The tree didn’t come down yesterday….the kids came for dinner and stayed later than usual so I’ll really have to make the effort this afternoon after lunch.  I’m done with Christmas and need to get back to normal, or normal-ish.  My routines just go down the tubes at this time of year.  Not that I have a steadfast routine that I stick too but I do at least usually get my laundry and basic domestic chores done, not so much at Christmas….too many other things to do.  I like routine and structure, within reason of course.



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