Happy New Year!!

Wishing everyone a happy and healthy new year.

This morning has started off just beautiful…..it snowed most of the day yesterday which nicely covered all the piles of messy plowed stuff at the sides of the road.  The sun is shining and the mountains look just spectacular……I wish I could get a good picture of them.  The trees are, or at least first thing, gorgeous covered with all the fresh snow.  A little bit of a wind has come up and it blowing it off now but so, so pretty.


The cold (high daily temps hovering just below zero and lows down as far as -10!!) is on the way for this week…..but no snow or rain until after next weekend.

What will the new year have in store for me?  If only we knew eh?

I should throw away my big, old “to do” list and start all over again.  Maybe pare it down a bit….re-prioritize things.  I don’t do resolutions because I just never keep them anyway….so today probably isn’t a good day to do this.  The only thing I do want to resolve to do is to get back to the gym!  A svelte body would be nice (never gonna happen…..) but I’m more thinking from a heart/healthy perspective especially at this time of year when you’re not out and about as much (except for shoveling snow!).

I’m looking forward to the things I have planned for this year…..trips and getting my yard, weather permitting, fixed up this summer.  Even my “new” job, which is just enough to keep me as busy as I want.

Today the kids are coming for dinner and the little ones can play in the snow….I may get out there with them except I know my son will want to wash my face in it….he just can’t resist!!



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