Quiet New Years Eve

No plans for tonight….and I’m OK with that.

A few years ago it would have really bugged me to sit home doing nothing on New Years Eve but now I’m kind of looking forward to it.  Is this just an age thing or is it because things are so different now?  Don’t know and I guess it really doesn’t matter because that is just how it is.

Everyone is a bit scattered so getting together isn’t as easy as it used to be.  I do miss those days sometimes but at the same time I enjoy the quiet and not having to do all the planning.

It’s very foggy here this morning.  Temps are hovering around zero and will stay like that for most of the day until this evening when we’re going to see more snow.

I’ve had a couple of really lazy days and today won’t really be too much different other than heading out to pick up a few groceries and some wine….would be terrible to get snowed in and not have any of that!!

Tomorrow I’ll start to put Christmas away for another year.  It all just seemed to come and go so quickly.  It’ll be nice to get everything back to normal and get back into some kind of routine….kind of like when the kids went back to school.  I’ve dealt with the last of the turkey……soup to finish the last bit, two containers of stock in the freezer for another day, two small containers of cranberry sauce for the freezer too, turkey pot pie made and gone.  What a good deal turkeys are!  You really get your moneys worth out of them…..freezer full of stuff so they kind of go on giving for months after.

Next week I can start to do more planning for our holiday in June.  I wouldn’t mind escaping to somewhere in February….where and with who I don’t know but I’ll put some feelers out there……Hawaii?  Mexico maybe…..I haven’t been to an all-inclusive for years and a week of two of sun and beach would be a very nice thing…..hmmm.  Of course that type of vacation would mean I’d have to wear a bathing suit which is a bit scary….I have to start going back to the gym anyway to get in shape for the trip in June so starting right away in the new year is probably a good idea.  Should I make a new years resolution to do that?  I never make them because I have never, ever kept them when I did make them.  I certainly have time now so I should have any excuses…..I am good at finding them though.

This year was such a mix of good and bad.  A couple of great trips but then losing 3 friends, and all so close together, was tough.  But that is life I guess…..it puts everything into perspective for you too…..enjoy what you have while you have it!!

I hope everyone has a great evening doing whatever you’ve decided to do….send this year off and welcome the new one that will hopefully be filled with great things and wonderful adventures.



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