Awesome Concert!

Burton Cummings is so, so good!  He’s going to be 69 yrs old tomorrow and still have so much energy…..his show was over two hours with no breaks and I swear he never stopped moving the whole time.  He sang a lot of golden oldies….all very nostalgic.  I remember back in the late 60’s in high school, the Guess Who were just starting out, they played at an lunch time “sock hop”…..cost 25 cents to get in!!  Last night cost $100!!

The crowd was mostly old folks, like me, with a few younger ones thrown in here and there, like my daughter who appreciates good music and someone’s incredible musical talent….he played the piano, or course, the guitar, the flute and who knows what else can play that he didn’t.

My daughter said it was better than the concerts she normally goes too!!  Lots of yelling, clapping, hooting, people dancing, just a lot of fun.  Who knew there were so many men out there with long grey pony tails???  Some ladies dressed to the nines for a girls night out or ???  Along with the concert came some great people watching…..and wondering!!

After the concert, which was at the Hard Rock Theatre in the casino, I quickly lost $20 in a slot machine… the night really cost $120 but it was a lot of fun.

I’m so ready to take Christmas down…..but that doesn’t happen until after New Years, which won’t be any too exciting.  Was going to head over to Sechelt to my friends but the weather is just too unpredictable right now and as much as I love it over there I wouldn’t want to get stuck there.  My daughter doesn’t have any big plans either so maybe we’ll do another movie marathon (last year it was Harry Potter!), appies and the bottle of bubbly that I have.

After today, which is lovely and sunny but chilly, the temps are dropping again with more snow in the forecast…..argh.  I am soooooo ready to see the end of this cold….and the snow too!  Spring can’t come soon enough.

Maybe a nice walk on the dyke this afternoon would be good…the mountains are just beautiful….Bev?



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