A Great Christmas


Christmas Eve….all in their matching jammies.

The kids spoiled me as usual.  They come up with some great gift ideas…..they tell me I’m easy to shop for!


My daughter got me a great clothes basket, which was filled to the brim with little wrapped presents….mostly food!  What a great idea….it’s all the stuff I like to snack on and some spiffy gloves with thingies on the finger tips so you can use your phone.  We went to my sons for presents and breakfast, which was delicious….lots of bacon!!They got me a pair of gold earrings, which I’ve been looking for for eons….they’re perfect!  And of course a bunch of other things and pictures of the kids.

A fun morning at the kids…..with all their new goodies!

Dinner here was really good.  My brother and SIL, my daughter and Bev.  Just the 5 of us. We played a game after, which was lots of fun.

We had a white Christmas, it didn’t snow during the day but there is lots on the ground.  It was beautiful sunny day…a bit chilly but so, so nice.

As I was getting everything ready and stuffing the turkey I started to think about who would do this when I don’t, or can’t???  Years ago, when I got my new camera, I decided I would take pictures as I went through the whole exercise then put them all together with all the steps written out.  I have the pictures but I’ve never written anything down.  One day…..I’ll add that to my big “to do” list.

I really enjoy making Christmas dinner.  I love the smell in the house and all the work that goes into it and to me the more people the merrier it all is.  Although I’ve also enjoyed those couple years where there are only 5 of us.  I think the last time I didn’t do Christmas dinner was 2010.

Yesterday I was supposed to go to our friends place for Boxing Day…..we always did that, I’ve done it the last couple of years myself.  This year the weather just wasn’t cooperating…..more snow pretty well all day before it turned to rain around dinner time.  The main roads were pretty good but just too scary taking any chances on the side roads, so many which still have sheets of ice hiding under the new snow.  When I’d ventured out earlier I came to a couple of corners where my ABS (???) brakes kicked in.  I think this was probably only the 3rd open house at Rob’s that we/I have not gone too in 40 years!!  Next year…..


Yesterday morning…..at one point it was coming down so heavy I could hardly see across the street!!


The snow plow came through the cul de sac yesterday afternoon…..about 5 times!!  Totally messed up the plowing that had been done last week which was working out fine for everyone.  The first guy sort of plowed all around the edges, blocking everyones driveway in but was easy enough to get that shoveled out.  We sort of had this roundabout thing happening in the middle of the cul de sac where all the snow had been piled up.  It was all clear and plowed around the edges so everyone could easily get out of their driveways and the cds.  Everyone had also dug out a trench to the drains so all the melting snow wasn’t backing up in front of our houses….it all had worked great.  Until yesterday!!  This guy comes in and of course plowed all the snow in front of the driveways, which I know they can’t really do anything about….I get that!  But he also plowed away our little roundabout.  Instead of plowing it to the side of the cul de sac where there is no house….ie across from my house it’s a side yard so no driveway….he plowed all that snow in front of my house and the house next door!!  Both of us had gone out there and tried to tell the guy to move the snow to the other side of the street because we’d already chipped out inches of ice to clear the drains…..he got out of the truck and basically told us he had no choice because that is the way the plow goes……argh.  And to make matters worse, after about the 5th time of going back and forth piling up all this snow, he drove over it, packing it down solid.  My neighbor and my daughter and I were out there for over and hour trying to get it all cleared because the melting snow was already working it’s way up the driveway.  The guy was young, probably not experienced and certainly not very bright!!  There was absolutely no need to do what he did.  Rant over!

Today is soup day and dealing with all the leftovers…..not sure yet what I’ll do with them all.  Probably a turkey pot pie, which I might just freeze for another day see we had leftovers yesterday.  It’s another beautiful sunny day and warming up a bit.  It can do that …..Christmas is over, it was white and all was perfect, we couldn’t have asked for anything more…..now all this cold, snowy weather can just go away……I’m ready for Spring!



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