So Much Fun!

Last night with the “old” girlfriends was a lot of fun.  Husbands were all there too so nice to see a couple of those guys that I hadn’t seen for eons.

Heidi’s husband was there too of course…..he’s doing OK, just dealing with everything day by day.  Christmas is so hard, especially that first one.  He’ll celebrate it with her brother and his family, which is what they’d always done.

After dinner all the girls went down stairs where one of the friends that had helped clean up and get rid of Heidi’s stuff had put together treasure bags for everyone.  Linda found some things that she thought were worth sharing with everyone…..she’d even wrapped them all!


Everyone got a leopard mug and journals….I got the cat dishes and salt and pepper shakers.

My friend I’m afraid was a bit of a shopaholic and hoarder….she loved lots of bling!  Probably a little bit of depression….her husband is beating himself up now about not pushing her a little more to get some help.  Just so sad that Heidi wasn’t there and it made me even sadder that I’d missed so many of the things that had gone on over the years for one reason or another.  Lots of time to make up but unfortunately a little too late now that we’ve lost two people… can’t go back and redo what was done all I can do is move on and hopefully make up for all that lost time with the rest of them.


Dinner was lovely…..two big roasts done on the BBQ with all the goodies that go alone with it.  My butter tart squares didn’t quite turn out the way they should have….the bottom crust didn’t really crust….not sure what happened, maybe the butter alternative stuff was too soft???  img_1480  The top part was really good… can 3 cups of brown sugar not be!!  I took some of them along even though they were a mess, not so much for everyone to eat, but to find out from Linda, who is the no gluten/no dairy person, why the bottom turned out the way it did.  She said it’s just tricky and takes a lot of practice to get the right consistency or combination of ingredients.  That said, the whole plate of them got eaten so they couldn’t have been too bad.

The overnight with my grandson was lots of fun.  He’s such a good little guy when his sisters aren’t around.  After dinner we had hot chocolate, popcorn and watch National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation…..his parents probably wouldn’t have let him watch it but what happens at Grandmas house…….and he really enjoyed it!!  A bit of a late night for him….almost 10 by the time I tucked him in.  When he got up in the morning he quietly closed his door, turned the TV on and watched cartoons for an hour before he decided he needed breakfast.  That worked out perfect for me because I had time to have my coffee!

Today is laundry and house cleaning day and for the first time in years I’m making homemade cranberry sauce!  I don’t have to go anywhere.  Tomorrow I’ll have to run out and pick up buns and some non dairy cheese, which I found at our new little market…..that’s it!  Christmas eve dinner is going to be French Onion soup and chicken wings.  The cheese is for my DIL’s soup… supposedly will melt OK but I guess we’ll see.



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