And it’s down right warm today compared to the last couple of weeks….up to 7C (45F).  Other than mucky mess side roads and mall parking lots, it’s not been any problem getting around.

When I got home yesterday one of the neighbours was digging out my driveway because the snowplow had came by and blocked it in.  How nice was that!  I got out there and dug a trench to the drain so I wouldn’t end up with a flood at the end of my driveway.  I had to use three different shovels to dig and chip away at the ice on the bottom of the snow piles.  It’s so pretty but such a mess!


Managed to get most of my shopping done yesterday….hooray!  A few more things to pick up today and that is it!!

My friend Brenda, who lost her husband in October, lost her sister today.  She’d been very ill for many years with multiple myeloma.  A very tough lady but the horrid disease got ahead of her.  Poor Brenda, such a tough year.

Nine years ago today my Mom passed away.  Hard to believe that much time has gone by.  So difficult losing someone any time but when it’s at Christmas it seems even harder.  My Mom loved Christmas so we made sure we celebrated it with all the fun and flare that she would have enjoyed.

Tonight I’m off to a writers group Christmas reading with my daughter and SIL. They’re all local writers so I’m looking forward to it…..and they’ll have wine!!





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