Out And About!

Early-ish….when I don’t post in the morning that usually means I haven’t given myself enough time to get ready to go wherever it might be that I have to go….or my life is just so boring that there’s really nothing worth posting about!!

This morning I went to see my financial advisor…..all that year-end stuff, just the usual more or less.  My retirement investments are mostly doing pretty good and I don’t have to worry.  One of them took a bit of hit though….guess which one that was!!  She went on to explain that the US market is doing pretty good but the bond market, because of the US interest rates going up, is not.  The good thing is that the fund that that portion of the investments were in was a guaranteed fund!!???  At the end of all this, that fund did not make any money, actually lost money….it’s also where some of my monthly income comes from….because it was supposed to be such a sure thing that guarantee will ensure that I will get back all my loss from the fund!!!  Seen it still isn’t doing so hot, we’ll take their guarantee and move into a different fund.  All too technical for me but at the end of the day I have come out unscathed….which makes me very happy.  Makes me feel better about trip planning….and planning more!!

Grocery shopping, to the vets, picked up cat food, birdseed etc. etc.  I left the house at 10 and have just gotten in the door and am sitting down for a few minutes before I head out again in an hour or so……will stop for gas later!

Just such not a big deal anymore really but was so much less work when all these things were shared by two people!

We’re supposed to have a bit of a snow storm starting late tonight and into tomorrow.  Then it’s going warm up a lot and all turn to rain, which means the roads will be a big mess of slush.  It may cool down a bit toward the end of the week, maybe even enough to have a white-ish Christmas.  That would be nice, it’s been quite a few years since we’ve had one.

Off to my brothers tonight for that side of the family Christmas dinner.  Not turkey, ham.  The kids like that better anyway.  They’ll do the gift exchange with their great uncle and auntie seen they won’t see them Christmas day.

I still have shopping to do!!  Ack!!  It’s hard to believe that being retired I still can’t even get it done early….procrastination at it’s best!




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