Very Cold!

It’s -9C (11F).  It’s cold, really cold, for here.  We get this once every so many years….a bit of an Arctic system will stick around for a few days but that is usually it.  One year it lasted weeks…..that isn’t going to happen this time.  I think the forecast was for snow on Saturday, turning to rain on Sunday and much warmer temps into early next week.  Doesn’t look like we’ll see snow for Christmas…what we do have will probably get washed away with the rain.

Another busy couple of days…, Christmas concerts, babysitting today, with a few hours here and there to get out and pick up a few more little presents.

I’ve just started reading what I hope will be an interesting book called Dancing Light: The Spiritual Side of Being Through the Eyes of a Modern Yoga Master   It’s about this woman  What an amazing life she’s had!!  A rather privileged one really and was able to do many of the things that she did because of it….but it sort of makes you think how insignificant your own life has been!!!  At least from an excitement, interesting, thrilling perspective.  LOL…..maybe not such a good thing, especially at this age!!   I’m also not a “spiritual” person, nor am I into yoga or meditation (did give that a try though….) but it’s still fascinates me to read about how it (and money of course) can have such a positive impact for some people.  She really is quite incredible and still going pretty strong at 97 or 98!

The mountains have just been spectacular in the mornings with the snow and frost that is coating the trees before the sun melts it off.  I haven’t had a chance to get out and take a few more pictures….along the river yesterday morning was just beautiful…..maybe this morning on the way to the kids I can pull over somewhere along the way and get a pic.

These are my peek-a-boo views of the mountains in the morning……the bigger coastal range ones are a little too far off to get a good picture with the zoom…..too bad because those are the really beautiful ones.

And the birdies… little Downie Woodpecker getting his fill.

In the meantime, the birdies are eating me out of seed every 3 or 4 days.  I’m just not sure I’ve started a good thing though.  I obviously have to keep feeding them now but I wonder if some of them are hanging around just because of the food instead of heading a bit further south…..hmmm.  I’ve been bringing in the hummingbird feeder each night so it doesn’t freeze but it’s been so cold the last couple of days that it pretty much freezes anyway within an hour of it being put out in the morning.  I hope he/she is at least getting enough before that happens.

Another busy day tomorrow….I’ve got to get out early and finish shopping!!  Only a few things left to pick up I hope.  I’ll do “inventory” tonight to make sure that there is enough little bits of stuff to fill the stockings and that everyone has the same number of presents…..very important!!  Hopefully not too much else will be needed.  Then off to my brothers for dinner and the annual Christmas light drive….and it’s supposed to snow!!  This could be a good thing or a bad thing depending on how much…..





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