It’s Cold!!

-5 (22F) this morning.  But oh so pretty!

Yesterday I had an hour to kill after lunch before the cleaning lady was finished so I thought I’d head down to the dyke to get a couple of pictures of the mountains.  Well it turned into a bit of hike, which wasn’t a bad thing.

The mountains looked spectacular!


Maybe later today I’ll head over to a different area to see if I can get a few more pics.

Working this morning for a couple of hours then heading to Bev’s for tea with our Sechelt friends that are in town for a day.  Her Mom, who is 90 something, is going in tomorrow for a bit of surgery so they want to make sure she’s ready and all goes OK.

Will be fun to see them.  I hope they made it OK because they don’t have snow tires, all seasons but their car is rear wheel drive which isn’t so good in this kind of weather.

Lots of aches and pains this morning from shoveling the driveway yet again.  But it had to be done because it was turning into a skating rink.  I should have done it first thing yesterday morning before it started to freeze but didn’t so am now paying for it.  Shoveling or chipping away at the icy sections was tough.  I did the best I could and then sprinkled the rest of that Orange Ice stuff all over.  It seemed to work pretty good again, even on the real lumpy icy bits that I couldn’t get off.

This week is turning into another busy week.  If I work tomorrow I’ll have no free days!  Thursday all the kids have their preschool/school Christmas concerts, which I love going to and Friday I’m over at their place to help out.  I think Kim has an appointment at some point in the day too.  Saturday we’re all off to my brothers for dinner for our family Christmas get together.  So far Sunday is looking good for a do nothing day!!  Or maybe laundry and all the other stuff I haven’t done around here.

It’s all good though…..I’m glad I can keep busy.  I don’t really do very good on those do nothing days.  I find it hard to just sit and do nothing…..even reading.  I can do it for so long and then I just have to get up and do something.  I used to be able to do it…..usually one day of my holiday days, when I was still working, was one of those days…..sometimes I wouldn’t even get dressed!!  I’d get so immersed in a book, I end up reading the whole thing then move on to yet another.  Not anymore and I don’t know why…..I never got mad at myself for having one of those days like I do now……




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