A Great Evening!

Lots of people, lots of food, lots of fun!

All the neighbours, except one couple who had a work thing, showed up.  Old and new neighbours.  I wish I’d taken some pics but just got caught up in everything.

One of the new neighbours Mom, who lives with them, came along too….and was right into the wine!!  My kind of friend, except that she doesn’t speak English….we toasted a lot LOL. She’s only been in Canada 2 months and has a few words.  Between her limited English and her daughter translating, we’re apparently going to go for walks……I will help her with her English and she’ll teach me Mandarin!!!  Ha ha ha…. I somehow think she’s getting the better end of that deal.

Happy Birthday to my SIL, Diana!  We’re supposed to be heading into Vancouver for dinner and evening of wandering on Robson Street but I think we’ll just have to play that one by ear depending on the weather….I hope it all works out.  I haven’t been down there for eons and since I’m not going to be the driver I’d really enjoy it.

I shoveled the driveway yesterday afternoon…..approx. 4″ at that time.  Sprinkled the ice melting stuff all over it after and that kept it clear until late last night when everyone was leaving…..good stuff so will pick up another bag at work next time I go in.  It’s used for industrial and commercial parking lots.  Works way better than road salt.  So far we have 6+ inches and it’s still snowing.




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