Work Today

It’s cold, for here.  Right now it’s -1C (about 30F).  The snow ended after a bit of a blizzard early yesterday afternoon.  Around my house only an inch or so accumulated, which I can live with.  Later on in the week we’re supposed to see more with the temps dropping down to zero-ish through the day and -6 or 7 at night.  Long range forecast looks like we’ll be back to normal by the end of next week….5C-ish (40F) and, of course, rain.

I’ll be driving the big van today at work, which is better than one of the little cars.  I can only hope all the roads have been sanded or salted really good.  Most of the driving is on main roads out in the valley, where they got quite a bit more snow than I did, which will be OK but pulling to some of the industrial sites where the warehouses are could be a little tricky if they haven’t plowed.

My driveway was covered with a thin skiff of snow so I had to shovel….not one of my jobs normally but not much choice.  The last few snowfalls my neighbor has done it for me, which is really nice of him.  I thought I’d better get it done early yesterday before it all froze.  I’ve got to remember to get some salt!  They sell it at work, in industrial sized bags, so will get someone to load it into my car before I leave today….how I’ll get it out when I get home I don’t know…..probably just start scooping it out and move it once it’s half empty when it’s moveable by me!!

Brenda is coming for dinner tonight…..homemade green pea soup and gourmet grilled cheese (3 different kinds….aged cheddar, smoked gouda and truffle!).  We’ll talk about all our big plans for the spring trip.

All this today is a good thing and will keep my mind occupied.  My daughter has a Drs appointment after work to get her bone scan results….they called which has my stomach in knots.  Such a worry, all for nothing I hope.



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