But not the nice stuff…..just enough to make the roads all mucky.  It’s really cold though and supposed to get colder still.

The birdfeeder is full of birds today….stocking up I guess.  I brought the hummingbird feeder in last night so it wouldn’t freeze and managed to get it out early enough this morning before the hummer arrived for breakfast.  How do these little birdies survive in this cold weather??

Tomorrow and Wednesday are going to be sunny but cold…..that’s OK though.  Much better than warm and rainy.

Unless you’re in Positano having a limoncello spritzer!


Geez this seems like eons ago!!

A few more pics from Rome….I hadn’t realized I took this many!!

On the left café and croissant on a central Rome side street 4Euros each….on the right café and croissant across from Vatican Museum 9Euros each!!

Porcini mushroom season…..should have taken the pictures BEFORE I started eating….was absolutely delicious!!

Great little tavernas and restaurants tucked in everywhere…..cannot usually go wrong with pizza and a salad

Risotto, scallopini and bruschetta with 4 different toppings…..all soooo good!

And of course any dining experience in Rome wouldn’t be complete without a few cars and motorcycles passing by close enough to touch!




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