Tree Is Up!

After dinner Bev helped with all the ornaments….there were a lot of them that she unwrapped or unboxed, one by one.

I’ll finish getting the mantel done today and that is about it.  I think less is better.

I might bake today!!  I have not baked for Christmas for eons.  I’m not much of a baker but for many years I did do the standard type stuff like short bread and butter tarts.  I’d have to freeze it all otherwise Ken would have made short work of my efforts.  One year that we were having everyone for dinner (20+) I decided to make sugar cookies with all the names to use for a seating plan.  I had cookies coming out of the yingyang…..the recipe made what seemed like hundreds….so I then proceeded to do cookies for everyone in my department at work…..30+ people.  Each cookie was about 2×3″ with a little hole in one corner that I put green and ribbon through.  I think I was up until 2AM that night getting them all ready.

One year, again many years ago, all the cul de sac Moms took a one day chocolate making course and for the next few weeks we all went crazy doing that.  My favorite were the “After Eight” mints.  I filled little baggies to put in all the “from our house to yours” gifts.

We also took a wreath making course and spent a few days a couple weeks before Christmas collecting holly, cedar and pine bows, making bows and buying all the other bits and pieces we needed.  Then spent one day at someone’s house putting them all together…..and then there was the Christmas centerpiece course.

How I managed all the things I did back then AND worked, I don’t know.  Definitely was much younger so way more energy for sure.

Ah yes, those were the days!!




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