It’s Beginning To Look At Lot Like Christmas…..

… least it will by the end of today!

I’ve worked up the courage to pull out the tree and deal with getting it set up and have prepared myself for all the lights that don’t work for whatever reason……I will not get mad, curse or swear!  Partly because I’m here by myself doing it so all those choice words are totally wasted when there is no one around to share my frustration!

I’ve done the tree thing myself for quite a few years now so I am used to it…..I’ve taken steps to make it all a lot easier.  I didn’t even attempt to try and get the thing back in the box a couple of years ago, so I don’t have to deal with dragging that out because it was really heavy.  I just tie up the branches, as best as I can by myself, and it (all three pieces)still fits quite nicely in a closet in the basement.  Much easier to just pull out the pieces than the whole box.  One challenge was always finding the end bits to connect the lights on the separate pieces…..a few years ago I tied some red ribbon around the ends of the light strings, so that made tree day life a lot better.

It’s not ever really all that bad…..but I can make a mountain out of a molehill in my head and of course once it’s all up and looking just lovely, it’s so worth it.

Just an OK day at the kids….not the improvements I was hoping to see but at least no worse than it was the last time I was there.  We did pack up another bunch of toys…..mostly the hotwheels cars and track…..A LOT OF IT……that Kim will list on one of those bidding sites.

A stop on the way home at a friends to drop off a baby gate for her stairs, she is babysitting her little grandson today, and a glass of wine!

I’m looking forward to staying in today….and just to make sure I do I am not going to wash my hair……I couldn’t possibly go out looking like this!!




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