Doctors, Dentists…..

Finally went to get my sinuses checked out yesterday…..this has been driving me crazy for months.  Thought it was allergies and still might be.  For now she gave me a steroid spray to try for a couple of weeks.  The worst part about all this is that most of the time I can’t smell or taste anything!!  Not good when you’re having company for dinner… can only hope that all is good.  I hope this works.

I’ve also got a dentist appointment next week and from what Dr Google says, part of my taste issues could also be my teeth.  I know they’re in bad shape but I don’t think they’re that bad…..

My daughter is off for a bone scan today… that is really scary for me!!  She tripped on the stairs at work a month or so ago which caused a pretty nasty injury to her shin.  It was  swollen and bruised and did all the stuff that something like that normally does but it was still aching so thought she’d get it checked just in case the bone cracked or chipped or whatever.  Xrays showed “shadowing” or thinning.  Dr said it isn’t “that kind of shadow” but could possibly mean that there is some sort of a infection in the bone or potentially, the start of some osteo type of thing.   I thought they’ were just going to do her leg but are doing a whole body scan!!!  Worry, worry, worry……….I know, I know, I know….don’t cross bridges etc. etc. but easier said than done.

Lunch today with Brenda.  We’re going to pick up the jewelry that we dropped off a couple of weeks ago to have repaired and then for lunch.  There is a really nice little bistro right there, with live music…..they have jamming sessions….or a new Indian place across the street…..we’ll decided which place once we get there.  We’ll talk about our trip next spring….make more plans, maybe even a decision or two!!!  This trip planning has really ran into some hurdles along the way but we’ll get it all organized and sorted out eventually.

I have a bunch of new birdies at my feeder.  Silly little things should be heading south for the winter….I know I would be if I could fly!!  Not sure what some of them are but do recognize the nuthatches, the little downy woodpecker and the little brown sparrows and of course my hummingbirds.  I also get the odd big flicker (also a type of woodpecker) trying to balance itself to get at the seeds.  They’re really fun to watch…..they queue up on the railing (and poop all over it!!) or on the plant hangers and then take their turns on the feeders.  Some could careless if there is another one on the feeder and others, like the chickadees seem to only feed one at a time.  The junkos are timid and will wait until the others are gone before taking a quick peck or two….they are mostly ground feeders so scavenge around on the deck under the feeder looking for dropped bits.

And of course we’re back to rain……it has rained all but 5 days in the last two months!  And more is expected….oh well, not much you can do about it.  It is getting chillier though so I wouldn’t be surprised if we seen a snowflake or two if it gets any cooler.  At least the snow is bright!!




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