A Lazy, Fun Day

Did pretty much nothing yesterday….you’d have thought it was my birthday!

My daughter spent most of the morning watching movies, I searched for vacation rentals so much so that my neck has a crick in it from being on the computer for so long!

Had a great dinner and then home for “the cake”, which was a great success…..lots of laughs….and good too.


lol…..the kids, big and small, had a good time decorating the cake for Auntie.

Today I’m off to work…..at least it’s not raining….yet!  It’s supposed to be OK today, which is good, because I really do not like driving in this.  I think the weather is really starting to get to everyone…..it’s been almost two months of continual rain.  We get the odd reasonable day thrown in, only for it to start pouring later in the evening.  Or it pours all day then clears up at dinner time…..argh.

This is the last of my busy week with something going on every day…..tomorrow I have nothing planned…it can be a me day.  I need to get my hair cut, I need to get out and do some shopping….there is lots that I could do but will pick something that I WANT to do as opposed to have to do.



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