Got Through The Week

What a busy week it was!!!

Everyday I had something going on, including a work day…..a long work day!  And the week isn’t over yet…..tonight is the work Christmas party, tomorrow is my daughters birthday so I’ve still got a couple more days to get through.

Next week is busy but not quite as crazy.  I’m not sure if it’s an age thing or what,  it doesn’t seem to matter if it’s fun busy I’m pooped at the end of the day.

Our trip plans keep changing….originally there were 3 couples and ME.  Brenda lost Doug so it went to 2 couples and her and me.  Now the other couple has decided not to go…..her mother passed away a few months ago and they have some estate issues that they think they’ll still be dealing with next June!!   It’s down to R & G and Brenda and me.  We’ve gone from looking for a 4 bedroom place to one with only two bedrooms.  And this is only for 2 weeks of the month that we were planning for.  There is also the possibility of connecting with my brother and SIL in London for a few days at the beginning of our trip….I think that would be a lot of fun and if at least 4 days, we could share an apartment, which would be significantly cheaper than a hotel.

Brenda and I are going for lunch on Wednesday so we’ll talk about it and come to some decisions.  A couple years ago we talked about doing a bike trip in France….we’d have gone a week early, the guys would meet us after…..that type of thing.  Of course that never materialized.  But now it is something that we could seriously think about doing.

The initial plan way back when was to spend an entire month in one location….some place where lots of days trips were a possibility, close enough to a town or hamlet that we could walk too and big enough that there would areas where people could go to for quiet or down time.  Then we talked about breaking up the month into 2 weeks in one place and 2 weeks in another.  That is kind of where we were until the other couple, J & L, have decided not to go.

Glen is not sure he can handle a whole month of being the only guy!!  So maybe we’ll just spend the 2 weeks together.  They’d go off on their own for the rest of the vacation (even Greece is now getting tossed around!!) and Brenda and I would do that bike trip!  We’ll get it sorted out…’s lots of fun talking about all the possibilities.

I’m so glad she decided that she still wants to go……it’s what Doug would have wanted.  He and Ken were a like in many ways……quiet, easy going and generally pretty happy, contented guys.  They were the same age but went to different schools in the city.  Their paths never crossed back then but as it turned out they actually knew quite a few of the same people from each others school.  Always good conversations with those guys…..




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