A Work Day

It’s cold, dark and really windy this morning……maybe the wind will blow the clouds away!

I’m not too sure about this work business!!!  Having to set the alarm and get up early….unless it’s because I’m leaving for a vacation….is not my thing anymore.  Once a week will be more than enough for me.

Great progress has been made at the kids.  I had a busy day there yesterday but it was a good busy instead of just a lot of cleaning busy.  Areas that had been cleaned up were still cleaned up, or mostly cleaned up.  I had to use their van to pick up all the kids from school and it was amazingly free of mess and garbage too!  Every time they’d come to my house, after they left, I’d find something….pieces of paper, a sock, an empty yogurt container etc. ….that had spilled out on the driveway.  My DIL, even though she’s not feeling the greatest, she has been busy getting rid of a lot of the kids toys….sorting through them, chucking the broken bits and putting things that go together, together!  She has even managed to sell a bunch of the stuff on one of those bidding/selling websites.  I’m really happy for her and told her she has been doing great because I know, at the best of times, all this is quite a challenge for her and even more so now since the accident.

Yesterday we cleaned up the stairs, which has been my biggest issue there, and in the entry way, put up more hooks for coats and found a basket for shoes.  I’m hopeful all this is finally paying off!

One day soon I hope we can tackle their downstairs room…..should be a family/TV room but has been a dumping spot for anything and everything.  Maybe her Dad could come over and help….there are some bigger pieces of furniture and stuff that is just awkward to try and move in there….a man job!!



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