Change of Plans

They could only stay one night, which was too bad.  Their tree trimmer finally called back and would be at their place first thing this morning so they had to leave yesterday afternoon to make sure they’d be home.  That is just how things are over there……so much more laid back than in the city.  You can’t just go and get an oil change for your car… make an appointment and if you’re lucky they would be able to get you in the following week one day.  There are limited resources, such as contractors too.  It took months to get their ensuite bathroom remodeled…..the cabinet guy had to order cabinets from the mainland, the granite too had to come from here.  Do not get a dint in your car……it can take weeks to get into an auto repair place.

We still had lots of fun of course.  Dinner was good on Monday…..pork roast!  The best cuts of pork, butt or shoulder, used to be the cheapest….not so anymore now that pulled pork has become an in thing.  I dug out my old speckled roaster……got it for a wedding present!  It’s pretty beat up but for whatever reason a roast of any kind always tastes best when done in it.


I think this stuff is called enamel ware…..probably not something you’re supposed to use these days but for whatever reason everything tastes better if roasted in this!

And it was  really good.  I use a dry rub of crushed garlic, brown sugar and black pepper….so much flavor with this cut of meat.  Pork roasts usually make the best gravy….mine wasn’t so good this time.  It was OK but not the best I’ve ever made.

Yesterday was a whirlwind shopping day!  N took the car in for an oil change…..because you can just appear at one of the many oil change places over here and get it done….S and I headed out to shop.  Mostly to get them all stocked up at Costco, Walmart, Michaels etc…..none of those big box stores over there.  At Michaels, I took in a couple of the pictures that I’d bought on holidays.  I’m slowly working my way through the ones I have getting them framed properly….I’ll then do one of those picture walls behind the couch in the family room.  After these I’ll have 6 of them so enough now to start hanging them.  I’ll have a look at the older ones that I did myself and compare them to the professionally framed ones……I might end up taking some of those in to be redone.

We had a late lunch at N & S’s favorite fish and chip place and they were off in a flash to catch the 5:30 ferry back home.  Phew…….

I’m babysitting this afternoon while my DIL visits the lawyers about her accident.  So far the insurance company has been really good, other than paying for any of her physio.  The guy was 100% at fault, so this shouldn’t even be an issue.  But like any insurance company they’ll only pay as little as they possibly can.  Besides the physio, meds etc. there are also lost wages to take into account….this is a little more complicated because my DIL is a “contract worker” as opposed to a salaried employee who would likely have short term disability benefits of some sort to cover wage loss.  I hope she gets this all sorted out today and I hope the lawyers to take a huge big chuck of whatever she ends up getting.  The car was a write-off but thankfully the insurance company gave them a good settlement on that…..more than they paid for the car!!!

Work tomorrow!  Early day….have to be there for 8AM.  It’s only a five minute drive from my house but I still have to get up early (5:30) so I can have my ME time in the morning…..I have gotten pretty used to a slow start most mornings and these work days are no different.  I can’t just roll out of bed and into the shower, dressed and out the door like I used too.  Not sure if my routine is a good thing or a bad thing, but I like it and will get up early enough to make sure I still get that time.

It’s still raining and raining and raining…..yesterday was horrible.  Two or three nice days in a row would be such a treat.  We seem to get one nice day, still with some rain either early morning or late at night, and then days and days of dark, dull, grey rainy days…….I think someone said there is only 129 days until spring!!




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