How Time Flies!

Two years ago today was the last day of my wonderful Middle East vacation…..such a great trip!  So many incredible things to see, fantastic food, many, many beautiful people.

Last day in Dubai……a visit to the Dubai Mall and the Burj Kahlifa.  I still can’t believe I went up there…..whoosh up the elevator 124 floors in less than 1 minute.

One year ago today was the first day of another terrific vacation….my trip to China.  Again, many wonderful things to see, food was a little iffy….not because I won’t try stuff but mostly because of the places they took us to eat…..some very interesting, some really good, some not so good but more often than not, not enough food!!   Definitely not seconds allowed…..when that bowl or platter was empty there was no way they were going to fill it again and they let you know that loud and clear. (just to note:  our trip seemed to be an exception to this….someone else I know went a month before us and said if anything there was too much food!!  But then we paid quite a bit less than her too….)  Buffets were the best when we had them.  China is an amazing place……culturally, historically, geographically….they have everything there.  We did meet some great people and some that well……

Flying over no man’s land, possibly somewhere in Siberia and the Great Wall in the snow….spectacular!

Traveling is such a wonderful thing.  It opens your eyes, your mind and your heart to all the wonderful things that exist in our world, people and places.   I thank my lucky stars everyday for the adventures that we and I’ve been able to go on and will hopefully get to go on in the future.

Yesterday didn’t quite go a planned…..I got called into “work”!!  A couple of drivers didn’t show up so I got to take over.  Luckily I had a good start on the morning and had already gotten a lot done around here when they called around 10.  A quick stop to get storage insurance on my truck and the old mustang and to pick up the naughahyde for the chair recovering project and I was at work by 11ish.  Turned out to be a nice day weatherwise….a bit chilly but no rain and even a bit of sun.  I was done by 5…..workwise and physically.  Hefted around some heavy bits, like batteries and brake pads so made sure I took some advil before bed.

It was a fun day though….off to a few new places and met some great people….mostly men (also mostly too young!!).  One of my deliveries was to a company that moves houses!  What an interesting back lot they had…..

Off to my brothers today…..will be a fun time.




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