Sleepless Night!

Was it the sushi?  Was it the red wine? Was it the day at my kids place? Is it the fact that I’ve lost a few friends over the last month?  Thinking about Ken?  What???

Just one of those nights…, so tired….fell asleep almost right away I think but then woke up what seemed like every hour with thoughts running through my head.  Mostly those mumble jumble thoughts where one thing just runs into another and another.  Finally got up around 5:30AM.  It’s been a while since I’ve had one of those nights.

Surprisingly I feel OK this morning….so far.  I’ve got lots to do today and being up so early have gotten a good start to the day.

Had a great time at dinner last night…..lots of yakking and eating….hmmm maybe it was that green tea!!

I’m on a mission today……heading to the fabric store to get some naugahyde material to recover the seats on the kids kitchen chairs…..they’re fabric so definitely not the best thing when you’ve got little kids.  I recovered my dining room chairs in the stuff years ago….for much the same reason…the fabric had seen better days from kids, cats and just age.  It was pretty easy and didn’t take long at all.  I’m hoping we can get this done over the weekend some time.

I have to watch myself because I’m getting a little obsessed again with their place…..same thing happened earlier this year and I had to back off, for my own sake!!  I did seem some progress yesterday which was encouraging for me….so I’m cautiously optimistic.  I know I can’t do this myself but I’m hoping to at least get them to a point where they can get someone to come in and give the place a good thorough cleaning.  Definitely not there yet but they do seem serious this time about getting everything cleaned up and decluttered.  I came away with a couple of bags yesterday, which she didn’t even want to go through first!

I’m not sure just how much more it could possibly rain here!!  WTF???  I’m getting kind of used to it now….I don’t even worry about the bad hair anymore!  I guess I should be glad that this isn’t snow…..but at least it would look pretty!

Tomorrow will be a fun day!  If all goes as planned I’m going to treat myself to a pedicure and then off to my brothers for the latest holiday pictures and dinner.  They’re planning a big trip to Europe next year so we’ll talk about that too.




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