Another Phone Call

To a grieving friend… friend Heidi’s husband.

I guess as we get older this is just how things are…..but we’re not that bloody old, which is the scariest part.  The last three people….all within a week of each other (!!!)…weren’t even 70!  All in their early 60’s, which is where most of my friends are now.  It’s really a reality check.

He’s doing OK.  There is a lot to keep him busy by the sound of things, which to me is always a good thing.  He’s also got a lot of very good friends that have been helping him a lot.  They’d just moved into their new house a couple of months ago so really hadn’t had a chance to meet all the neighbours but those that they did have rallied around for him.

It’s still very early for him….not even a month yet….so lots of thoughts running through his mind.  A little bit of guilt, some anger, uncertainty …all the usual stuff.  Did he push her too hard to get stuff cleaned up (she was a bit of a hoarder…), maybe he should have pushed her more to get out a do some walking or some sort of activity (she was quite overweight…).  It’s all just going to take time…

Today I’m off to the kids….what awaits me there I don’t know!  It’s always a bit of an adventure when I head over there…..sometimes good, sometimes, not so much.  I can’t stay too late because I’m heading out to dinner with Rae and Brenda…. another fairly busy day.

A few more holiday pics from Rome….

The “Wedding Cake” or “Typewriter” as it’s sometimes referred too… also known as the Monumento Nazionale a Vittorio Emanuele II or Il Vittoriano or The Altare della Patria. and a close up of the Colosseum (which also can be spelled a number of different ways apparently….)

Circus Maximus from both ends…..very nice park today.  You have to let you mind envision what it was like back in the day……full of gladiators, chariots and spectators.

The kitty sactuary at Torre Argentina  Once had the opportunity to go to a fundraiser gala gala do for this in Rome….free tickets but on vacation had no appropriate clothes to wear….too bad!


Another stop for refreshments….and because I forgot one of the 10 pairs I already have….. another new pair of sunglasses! 


Two months has already gone by since this trip…..on Friday it will be one year ago that I left for the trip to China!!!



2 thoughts on “Another Phone Call

  1. Linda, I’m so sorry you’ve experienced so many losses among your friends recently. It must be very tough. You are very strong, and your friends who are the surviving spouses must really appreciate all of your loving support. Thinking of you…

    • Thanks Mary….definitely been a few tough weeks. I can at least be a good shoulder to cry on or just there to listen. I hope you’re doing well.

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