One Nice Day….

Out of about 50!  Yesterday was lovely….lots of sun and warmish.  If only all winter days could be like that!  So much more energy so I really feel like doing stuff.

Cleaning lady day, cards with Bev, coffee wine later with Brenda to witness some documents and home to make a nice dinner….just the kind of day I wish I could have all the time.

The CofL for our friend Doug is this weekend.  She’s getting everything put together for that, which is keeping her busy.  All the paperwork too.  Those first few weeks are such a blur….but so much to do you don’t really have time to think too much.  It’s after the CofL……then what?  That, for me, was a tough time… your life must go on.  Finding that “new normal”, whatever it might be.  You can’t go back, you can’t change what has happened so you just have to move on.  Yes, you grieve, feel absolutely horrible some days….that incredible empty feeling.  Life can’t stop though so you have to find the strength every day to carry on.  How you do it depends on you….everyone has their own way of dealing with it.  For me it was keeping busy….as busy as I possibly could.  Is that the right thing to do?  It doesn’t matter what anyone says… do what works for YOU!

The plans for our trip next spring are still a bit up in the air.  There is still lots of time to get that sorted out.

For now, a few more pics from Rome…..seems like this was forever ago!!!

The Spanish Steps were closed for renos!!  Kind of nice to see them without a ton of people.  And of course a walk done Via Dei Condotti is a must when in Rome…..all the big designers and jewelry stores that make you drool.  Hermes of course….and still no scarf for me.  A nice café and croissant break after all that window shopping!


In Rome in some piazzas you’ll find the bouquinistes, much like the ones along the Seine in Paris.  Lots of fun to browse the stands.  Books, magazines, postcards…..some old, some new and a bit of kitsch thrown in at a few of the stands.


Today, we’re back to the rain……it’s all good if I don’t have to go out OR look outside.




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