Another Busy Weekend

And it was a long weekend to boot!!  It kind of started on Thursday when the training got cancelled and I headed over to my kids place.  My son was home, which was great because we got a lot accomplished while he was there.

He was home because his father/son “winter camping trip” was a no go for them.  My grandson picked up a case off foot and mouth disease, which is pretty contagious.  Of course there were going to be a number of other kids there too and they didn’t want to spread that around.  My son was sooooo disappointed and Karter too but not much they could do about it.

I left their place with more bags of stuff…..that is always a good thing.  We also took a big load of stuff to the dump and the recycle depot which made room for some additional shelving in their kitchen.  One corner has been cleared, cleaned and organized…..I can only hope that it is still that way.  He’s so totally fed up with the mess he’s just getting rid of everything and she’s not complaining, which is a good thing.  I know she’s just overwhelmed by it all and the fact that she’s not wanting to go through it all is hopefully a step in the right direction.

Friday they came for dinner with all the goodies he’d bought for the camping trip…..steak, prawns etc.  A great dinner and fun evening.

My granddaughter stayed the weekend which was fun too.  Her and auntie had a shopping day on Saturday when I went for one of the “old girlfriends” birthday lunches.

Other than having to drive into the city, the lunch was lots of fun.  One of the girls had taken a bunch of Heidi’s jewelry and make a pair of earrings for each of us…..very cute little dangly ones.  I really enjoy those lunches….

Dinner that night was pretty simple seen we’d all eaten lunch so late….chili and nachos.  We all got our jammies on and watched Mama Mia……what a fun movie that is.  My granddaughter really enjoyed it and she got to stay up late……

Yesterday was a little quieter but busy enough.  My son came to get my granddaughter and we all headed out to Walmart…….ah sigh.   The jeans I’d bought her last weekend fell apart!!  No problem replacing them, even without the receipt.  Picked up a few things there and then we headed out for an early dinner.  Cadence was pooped!  Those two late nights had really caught up with her.

I’ll text my DIL this morning to see what day she wants me to come over…..doesn’t look like she’ll be back to work for a couple more weeks.  And as long as I can go and do something, without getting into one of my snit fits, I’ll keep going.  Next weekend we’re going to work on the basement…..if we can get the door open!!

Today is cleaning lady day so a nice quiet afternoon playing cards at Bev’s……




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